Business Coaching

Executive Business Coaching

Our executive performance business coaching is designed for President and CEO (C-level) executives.  This is a highly strategic type of coaching that digs deep into the long term health and growth of the company as well as the professional. It is designed to build and strengthen an executives ability to become a high-performance leader, improve communication skills to help inspire and motivate employees, and work with the executive over time to be highly effective in their respective role by meeting or exceeding their outlines goals and objectives as per their KPI's.

We are considered to "ace in the sleeve" for CEO's and Presidents alike, as we act as a hidden strategic weapon that provides them an additional tool to manage and overcome the daily challenges of an executive in a leadership role. But we are also a confidant, a person with whom executives can rely upon as their trusted go-to person when they need their coach most. 

Learn more about these services and contact us to discuss what your needs are and the troubles you wish to overcome.


Management Training

Our management training methodology incorporates a framework for personal and professional growth. Along the journey, we reinforce success and nurture growth to help motivate individuals for success by developing custom strategies for change management so companies and management can build their business in a systematic and professional way that is positive, sustainable while also delivering bottom-line results. We employ a holistic approach to understand your business and issues to deliver long-term strategic solutions to management. 


A company that invests in professional development in its employees is more apt to have less employee turnover and can benefit from continuous performance improvement over time. Learn more about these services and contact us to discuss what your needs are and the troubles you wish to overcome.


Team Dynamics Coaching

A healthy relationship is a relationship where people openly and respectfully communicate with one another in a clear and concise manner. Gossip, jealousy, over competitiveness and general dislike can poison a business.


We firmly believe that people can make or break a business, as a matter of fact, we think that for the most part business is relatively not complicated, but it is the people (in the business) that make the business become complicated.


We are about helping companies work efficiently and effectively by developing or creating a corporate environment where employees are more focused on "With whom they work with, versus with whom they work for". We help teams function fluidly, we remove barriers for employees to be able to contribute to the success of the organization. We encourage the "work hard, play hard" mindset and have been very successful in helping companies understand the millennial employee work/career mentality. 


Regardless if you are just starting a company and wish to set the foundation or a mature organization that needs an overhaul or change - invest in a little time and contact us to find out how we can improve your companies bottom line by creating a great corporate culture.

ADHD Coaching for Professionals

Interesting fact, individuals with ADD or ADHD are very attracted to business and entrepreneurship. Their endless imagination creativity and energy spur them on to achieve great things that most non-ADD and ADHD individuals may have difficulties to achieve.


Over the many years of working with many business professionals, we realized that our clients wanted to also us to provide them with business coaching, mentoring and training so they would be more effective in the implementation and execution of the strategies and business solutions we created for them. What we also realized was that about 60% of our professional business clients either were ADD or ADHD or believed that their employee(s) suffered from the same. This is how and why our unique ADD and ADHD Coaching for Business Professionals was born.


Over the many years, we have helped hundreds of professionals, executives, CEO's, and entrepreneurs overcome their challenges as they learned that being ADD or ADHD was not a weakness, it was a "super strength", that they learned how to control and leverage. There are so many attributes to having ADD or ADHD to list, most popular behaviors tend to be a lack of patience, impulsivity, dominating a conversation, fidgety, your mind is working at uncontrollable speeds, difficulty to sleep, unorganized, poor time management and budgeting of time, difficulty in doing detailed tasks, forgetfulness, lack of attention, procrastination, reduced self-esteem, anxiety, unfocused discussions, easily distracted, and much more. Our role is to help improve you, your professional and personal life and the balance between. This is the type of service that is life-changing both personally, professionally and can have a huge (positive) impact on an individual's career. Do not be shy, contact us to learn more about this service and how it may benefit you, someone you know or an employee(e).

Career Management and Coaching

At the core of career coaching, is to help individuals assess their professional situations and to help define, redefine, and achieve their professional objectives and other work-related goals.

The goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their careers and their trajectory, as well as offer various tools and techniques required to achieve their long term career goals and objectives. 

In addition to helping individuals realize what kind of work they’re seeking we will also work to help them plan a new career path as well as advising on their current work situation, helping them develop or improve their stress management skills and their leadership and interpersonal skills, including conflict-management skills, self-confidence, and ADD/ADHD challenges.

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