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Business Consulting

Strategic Consulting Services

Move your company in the right direction with our strategic business consulting services.

As experts in business strategy, we reveal insights to empower your brand, team, and company.  Our services focus on your business needs, your organization, and your customers.  Our goal is your success.  Working closely with you and your team, we will ensure a strategic path of sustainable growth and profitability by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and introducing you to new opportunities for growth. We will empower your team to be able to follow our recommendations by working with your team during the execution process and we will continue to be part of your solution until measurable growth is achieved. Our role will be to implement in phases, evolve the organization and ignite momentum. 

From strategy formulation to execution, our strategic consulting services help companies (of all sizes) and their leaders formulate winning strategies as well as helping them to execute those strategies.

With deep experience and expertise in business transformation and process improvement, we also provide our clients with onsite implementation and execution oversight, advisor and leadership services where we will work closely with you and your team.


We will help you and your team develop the reasoning for necessary change and improvement, devise a clear implementation roadmap, be onsite to help manage the change process, and measure progress against relevant key performance indicators.

Revenue Growth Planning

We help companies optimize their sales & marketing strategy to drive profitable sustainable growth. Drawing together insights from your staff, customers, markets, and business environments. Then we model the economic effects of these insights and contrast them with the industry best in class. We then work with management to embed change in the organization while also providing training and mentoring during the execution process. This all translates into a value-creating profit-making strategy that is unique to your business as it affects your products, services, programs, and customer segments.

Our strategic sales and marketing capabilities span the entire commercial journey that includes:

  • brand strategy

  • loyalty & client journey

  • pricing strategy

  • positioning strategy

  • new product/service development

  • channel strategy and geographical growth strategy

  • integrated marketing & communications strategy

  • operational optimization and efficiency strategy

  • go-to-market strategy

  • customer target optimization and value proposition

  • salesforce strategy and effectiveness

  • corporate asset and resource assessment and maximization

Strategic Marketing & Sales Consulting

Where marketing and sales strategy come together to grow your business.


We work with companies to create and implement marketing effective strategies, centered on the core of the business and what services and products you offer.


We help ensure that your marketing plan is solid, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. We will then follow the plan through, and work alongside (if part of the program), to execute and implement the marketing strategy. We monitor results, tweak as necessary and ensure that your company achieves its desired goals and objectives. We are experts in multiple digital platforms and function in both digital and traditional (analog) worlds for a completely integrated marketing and communications strategy that is in sync with your sales strategy.


Our marketing consultant services enable a company to put more focus on product development and overall operations. We bring in specialized skills and expertise as well as provide an external perspective and viewpoint. We understand your business, your marketing requirements, and your growth goals.​

Operational Strategy Consulting

Streamline and maximize your business for growth and maximum profitability and efficiency.


In the Operational Strategy or Transformation, each project is different, so it’s difficult to explain our activities in detail.

Our core business is to help our clients lead major change projects by working on the full change lifecycle, from strategy to implementation. It’s all about recommendations and execution, as we believe the two are closely linked.


Organizational efficiency is an essential ingredient in our consulting services. We can help you reach the potential of your workforce and organization on a whole. With profound expertise and experience in organizational design; such as innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development, we will work with your team focusing on continuous improvement strategies that will be improved with your team's involvement so that they will be able to continue to maintain the behavior and structure established while working with your staff.

Corporate Turnarounds

We will turn your company around in the direction of long-term profitable growth.


Our business is your business and we are dedicated to working with owners to develop a specific turnaround plan to get you back on the right track.


A guided turnaround works well for business owners who realize that trying something different is better than continuing on the present course and risking the life of their business.


Whatever the reason your company has stopped growing, we can assist you in making the right decisions and taking the right steps to maximize to achieve results. As turnaround experts, we have an effective process to diagnose the underlying problems of your business’s decline. Together we will map out a solution and implement a plan to get your company on track for profitable long-term growth.



  • Assessments of problems and development of alternative corrective action plans

  • Business turnaround and planning

  • Business model validation

  • Revenue and margin optimization

  • Financial modeling and projections

  • Cost reductions and downsizing/rightsizing



  • Operational assessments

  • Industry positioning

  • Marketing plans and margin improvement

  • Integration and streamlining

  • Productivity improvements

  • Product line rationalization

  • Cost accounting margin validation

  • Business model refinement

Strategic Business Assessment

We take an in-depth examination of your entire business including finances, operations, sales, marketing, and personnel. We interview your team and help to determine your strengths and weaknesses. After the information is gathered and analyzed we present our recommendations to make your business more efficient, profitable and sustain long-term growth. We also provide on-site guidance with the execution of the plan to further ensure your success. 

Exit Strategies

An exit strategy should begin long before any decision to sell your business. Planning an exit helps take the emotion out of the decision. Business owners should develop their exit strategy during the start-up phase of the business. Your exit plan could be tied to a set number of years, growth size, or your personal income level sometime in the future. No matter what stage of your journey, we will help you develop a plan that will allow you to accomplish your objectives and achieve the results you are looking for.


And when that time comes, we will provide you with assistance and strategic guidance to begin the process of exiting your business. This can be finding a new investor/partner, transitioning the business into the hands of the next generation, or member(s) of the family or a merger or acquisition.


There are many reasons a business owner decides to sell his or her business:

  • Nearing retirement

  • Termination of a partnership

  • Cashing in for all your years of hard work

  • Death or disability

  • Bored or need a change.

  • Lacking working capital

  • Simple burnout


If you fall into one of these areas or have any other reason, contact us and we will help you start the process. We will assist you in placing your business in the best possible position to maximize your financial return.

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