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Executive Advisory

Developing Successful Executives by
Improving Leadership Perspectives

Many entrepreneurs and executives think about having an executive advisor, but according to the Stanford Graduate School of Business research study on executive advisory/coaching, nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advisory services - hence, "it's lonely at the top"

You may be surprised that people you may look up to use an Executive (CEO) advisor, mentor or consultant to help them deal with conflict management, business strategy, leadership, team building, delegation, overcoming challenges, being more accountable, mentoring, motivating them or just having someone acting as an unbiased professional who will not be judgmental and provide them with honest feedback — but most important they seek a confidant, a sort of right-hand person who will be in their corner and having their back, watching out for their best interests.

Key Benefits Of Our
Executive Advisory System

We refer to this as the "I COME IF" system - meaning "I will become a high-performance executive as a result of the ALC Executive Advisory and Mentoring Program.

Our program has been in the making for over two decades working with executives from around the globe and from various backgrounds, educations, experiences, cultures, and industries. 

There are two facts that never change in business:


1- People can make or break a company, and 

2- The fundamentals of business, management, and leadership are the same in any culture, country, industry, or company.

Advisory CEO executive services

The best way to know about programs such as this is to simply speak to the people behind the program - forget all the writing - talk to us and get to know how and why we will absolutely help propel your career, grow your business, and help you reduce stress and maximize your time that will yield a better quality of life. We are your strategic partner in your business, and "ace up your sleeve". To schedule an appointment now.

Professional Development

Why is professional development Important?

Most executive programs offered by business schools last between two and six days, but some can take over a year to complete part-time costs a lot of money and often require you to be off-site and away from work. The type of training we provide deals with communications skills, leadership, strategy, innovation, transforming the customer experience, building and sustaining a competitive advantage, staying in touch with the customer, organizational renewal and change, aligning strategy and sales, the use of mindfulness as a tool for more effective listening, corporate culture development, negotiations and better results where communications are involved.


How do we provide professional development?

Professional development training can be a part of coaching or done separately. Our approach is both personal and specific to the individual's learning style and logistical framework. It is a professional that will assess a client's professional strengths and weaknesses of soft skills and professional skills within the context of organizational objectives and an individual's long-term career objectives. With the use of validated assessments, constructive feedback, and open-table employee exchanges, we work through the steps t transformational action plans to promote positive change from the top. 

Executive Performance Advisory

Why is Executive Advisory Important?

Few leaders possess instinctive leadership abilities, while most leaders develop their skills through triumph, failure, and collaboration. Executive coaching accelerates the self-esteem and confidence executives need to make decisions, the skills growth process and provides an actionable and framework for professional growth and success.


How do we provide Executive Performance Coaching?

Executive coaching is both a personal and professional growth and development journey, where coach and client develop a strong trusting bond enabling the exploration of a client's professional skills as well as their personal issues, weaknesses, struggles, and family/social life within the context of organizational objectives. Our process is customized for each individual and includes the use of validated assessments, constructive feedback, and transformational action plans promoting positive change from the top. Our process is a game-changer that is worth every moment of time and money invested in your career. It’s a transformational change that builds on everything you’ve accomplished, a new mindset, a new way of thinking that sets the foundation for everything you do going forward.

Roles We Fulfill With Our Executive Advisory & Mentoring Services

Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advisory – but nearly all Want it, according to an executive coaching research survey by The Stanford School of Business.


So why is it that executives resist outside unbiased professional help from a business coach or mentor?

According to Gretchen Gavett from an article in HBR, "There is some residual stigma that coaching is somehow remedial, as opposed to something that enhances high performance. CEOs should not be insecure about this issue, and instead, see advisory as a tool for improving their already high performance".

executive and C Suite need mentors Advisors

The research states that the most desired area of help CEOs seek is on how to handle conflict as they are simultaneously juggling with multiple constituents, having to be the sole individual responsible for making the tough decisions. Other desirable skills include sharing workload via better delegation, team building, and mentoring. Being at the top can be lonely, and other needs are therefore needed such as motivational coaching, training on how to motivate others, Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills such as better compassion and empathy, and persuasive communication skills training. The underlying desire is to have a trusted professional who will be unbiased, sworn to secrecy, non-judgemental, and always have the executives' best interests in mind. 


Also noteworthy was that company board members supported skills development by using advisors and mentors.

Executive Mentoring

Why is Executive mentoring Important?

Executive mentoring is a process of executive coaching in the context of a mentor who is an experienced and trusted adviser who will take careful interest in the progress of another.


For a senior executive, a mentor should come from outside of the organization and as such, this is where ALC comes into the picture. We will help an executive assess their performance to obtain feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses and to learn new skills and behaviors. A mentor takes a long-term approach for the betterment of the executive's career. 

How do we provide Executive mentoring?

Executive mentoring is both personal and professional growth. At the CEO level, special considerations must go into making a compatible match between mentor and mentee, structuring their sessions to deliver the intended benefits, and prioritizing the process so that it isn’t overcrowded by other demands. We think differently as we come from an outsider perspective as well as working in various industries, companies, and executives from all over the world - but as a result of this, we also understand how your company is regarded in the marketplace.


We will define a set of clear rules of engagement to ensure that both parties commit to total confidentiality, enabling mentees to disclose without fear of repercussions. Interactions are designed to deliver what both see as the aim: helping the executive traverse the learning curve more quickly and perform the functions in their respective roles more effectively. The expectation is that both parties will prioritize and prepare for meetings that are set and organized by the "mentee". It’s never easy to carve out time on a calendar however the executive must make it a part of his or her workflow. Sessions will have formal agendas, defined by the problems currently confronting the executive and shared far enough in advance to allow mentors to reflect on their experience. 

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