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Family Office

Protecting Family Wealth By Investing
in the Next-Generation

About Our Multi-Family Office Services

  • ALC Multi-Family Office was founded in 2012 by Avy-Loren Cohen when he realized that business families and their advisors were not addressing the real issues that family offices face on a daily basis - relationships and communication, which create division and lack of a sense of a safe space within the family. He wanted to build a global advisory firm that would focus on the human emotional side of money and wealth dynamics. His vision is to see individuals within families become contributing leaders and operate in a safe space with each other. 

  • We are a boutique firm that functions on a flat-rate monthly fee, paid every quarter. We do this as we do not partake financially in any of our client's businesses, which enables us to be motivated not by money, but by the results we deliver to our family office clients - our extended families.

  • We are paid only by our clients, with a simple, transparent advisory fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise from sales-based compensations.

  • Our independence from any suppliers such as a financial services firm, bank or broker allows us to assess our clients’ needs, make recommendations and help them find the right services providers, without any sales agenda.

  • We make sure your family’s providers are working towards the best interests of your family in a cost-effective way as well as in a framework that meets your values.

  • We do not work with tens of clients in a given year, we remain in the single digits as we are very selective in our process with working "with" families as it becomes a very personal and trusting relationship - meaning, we are also looking for a cultural and value "fit". This means that you have our full attention and your needs and well being are just as important as our own.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We are a committed advocate for your family’s long-term interests.

  2. We always act as an independent advisory firm. We will never have any financial interest in selling products - there are no hidden sales agendas or conflicts of interest.

  3. We are always seeking the best for your family’s, no one else, and will always provide you with direct, honest information regardless of the situation.

family office consulting services and methods

Service Areas



  • Integrations and participation

  • Investing in new technology ventures.

  • New technology integration.

  • Public relations behavior coaching and technology usage

  • Next-generation education and career planning.



  • Family office strategy

  • Extended family (via marriage) participation and integration.

  • Family branding and reputation management.

  • Family culture

  • Family communications

  • Family protocol

  • Family meetings

  • Family decision making


  • Who are we as a family?

  • What is our overall strategy and mission?

  • What are our core principles and values?

  • How do we make decisions and what roles do different family members play?

  • What are our plans for the succession and preparation of the next generation?

  • What do we own and how do we own it?



  • Your network of providers

  • Selection and oversight.

  • Do they fit with family values?

  • Do they align with the mission, vision, and goals?

Managing Your Needs and Expectations

We seek to create a continuity strategy to help our clients manage the intrinsic challenges of working and sharing amongst family members and between the present and future generations.


We are experts at helping families communicate with each other. Our mission is to ensure that wealth preservation and growth of the family wealth stay the course and stand the tests of time by preventing and mitigating family conflicts.  


It is known that blood is thicker than money, but it is also known that money changes people - even family! People can make or break (up) a business, in this case, we work with families to prevent situations that can derail the long-term growth of the family wealth.

It is our strong belief in family and family values that drive us to help your family office from dividing members of the family. We have seen scenarios where assets have had to be split up and/or sold prematurely solely due to family members discontent - we do everything in our power to help prevent this and when situations do arise, we are very effective at getting the family to reconcile and get back on track - keeping your family together for generations to come.

Family Wellness

Sometimes, 'best practices' are not enough to help families struggling to develop or enforce systems and protocols, especially when conflicts arise. Our foundational principle is to promote the continuity of the family assets and its holdings. Working with the family, the extended family we help develop the skills, processes, policies, and agreements to effectively manage these conflicts via prevention. A key goal at ALC Family Office is to help make family management, ownership, and governance as part of a set of quasi-assets to the underlying business and business where these shared assets act as positive forces and a framework for family success.

Our client engagements include families and their businesses affected by all stages of conflict – from stagnation due to conflict-avoidance through all types of crisis including litigation, personal family interference from non-originating extended family members, as well as next-generation development and preparation in the family business(s), long-term vision of the organization and assets as well as developing a family team dynamic where all members focus on the big picture - we stay as a family always and will leave a thriving legacy for the next generation while protecting and growing family wealth.

As experts in family office continuity, we bring a wide range of experience and expertise in a distinctly unique systematic approach to manage conflict when important continuing relationships are at stake.  We believe that within the context of a family enterprise, better decision making, and managing conflict go hand in hand "like peanut butter and jam".

We've Got Your Back

Unlike most Family Office service providers, ours focuses more on the human element as it pertains to the health and wealth of the family office and its holding. Whereas most companies will provide you with negotiation services for a "best rate" or measurable type of key factors, we look deeper and beyond the numbers. We work with family members by acting on their behalf as a bridge to suppliers with the purpose of protecting the interests of the family by ensuring that the companies and its representatives share the same values as the family. We seek the human element without bias from financial gain or preference to any organization as we are not affiliated with any family office service provider. This ensures that the work we perform on your behalf truly represents what you and your family are looking for in the people with whom you are going to entrust your future with - a kind of "voting" process.


We work as your advocate with existing suppliers to ensure they are all working towards your best interests as well as promoting a cross-communication platform for all suppliers to communicate with each other in applicable situations. We also review supplier services to ensure the elimination of duplication of services as well as to realize operational efficiencies by maximizing relationships with best suppliers and supplier consolidation. 


We commonly find instances of over-charging and questionable fees and commissions on behalf of our clients. Moreover, there have been many instances where a conflict of interest has been found, but when we work with clients we investigate this type of information before negotiating with a supplier to save time and avoid embarrassment.


We also ensure that your corporate investments are also cared for by providing board advisory services where we will participate as a board director, listening and participating in board meetings on your behalf, representing your values and voice. We know that many family office members sit on multiple for-profits as well as non-profit boards and as they say, "You can't dance at two weddings at the same time", so we act as your surrogate to allow you to dance when and wherever you like.

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