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Strategist & CEO Advisor

Where your success is our success

About The Founder

  • Seasoned Strategic Business Consultant

  • Most Global Influential CEO Advisor

  • Keynote & Motivational Speaker

  • Author/writer

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I became a business consultant and coach because I went without one as an entrepreneur. Being a founder and CEO is stressful, from working hard to create a good product to getting traction with users, to fundraising and dealing with investors, to balancing personal needs.​

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely without having a seasoned professional, like a business coach, with whom you can discuss your issues, bounce off ideas with and without judgment. These days more and more professionals are using a business consultant and/or coach to help them be their best and achieve more and in less time and with fewer mistakes than by going it alone.

As the Founder of a boutique Strategic Business Consulting and Executive Performance Business Coaching Firm, Avy-Loren works with Companies, CEO's, senior executives and corporate board members from around the globe and from various industries, where he and his team provide their clients with the strategy, direction, training and knowledge to, overcome problems and challenges, meet professional and corporate goals and objectives in with the focus on short and long-term growth.


Avy-Loren has more than 25 years in international business, functioning in multiple senior roles in startups, established public and private companies. He has a deep understanding and experience in corporate restructuring, business strategy, branding, marketing, communications, business development, operations, strategic partnerships, international growth, revenue optimization, revenue channel management and development, organizational behavior, team development, leadership, and corporate strategy. Avy-Loren's knowledge and experience enable him to quickly & effectively turn companies around for a long-term and profitable growth.


Avy-Loren also acts as an advisor and board member to many companies and also volunteers for multiple North American non-profit organizations, where he helps to provide young entrepreneurs to achieve their business dreams come true.

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