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my father mentored me to be an entrepreneur from the age of 5

Avy-Loren Cohen is an innovative business leader, technology evangelist, and entrepreneur with a record of steering high-growth companies and disruptive brands to success. He is a top globally recognized business consultant, author, and speaker. He’s been the mastermind behind hundreds of successful CEOs and has worked alongside senior executives as a strategic partner, consultant, and expert in building revenue across regions. With a critical eye and sharp skill set, he excels at identifying critical pain points and delivering concrete solutions to fuel innovation and growth.

At the age of 5, he was working with his father getting up at 4:30 am to be ready to leave the house to begin a full day of work that would end at 6:00 pm. He would do this every chance he could, holidays, school professional days, summer vacation - he loved working with his father who gave him life lessons that even business school could not offer, and a strong work ethic.


By the age of 18, he went into industrial, commercial, and investment real estate with a partner and quickly became successful in listing and brokering deals - an ability he surely absorbed from watching and working with his father.  By 23 he became a partner in a consumer electronics import and distribution company where over the span of 3 years, he grew the business 10 times, hired, trained, and managed an international sales force of over 170 sales agents across the globe, and built this multimillion-dollar company. After working in multiple executive roles, in his early 30's partnered with a biotech company with cutting edge technologies to build this startup by raising millions of dollars, research additional technologies and help create new patents. By his late thirties, after establishing the sales, marketing, and distribution across the globe, he brought in a new partner to bring the company public as his first exit, where it continued to grow exponentially.

Not simply a theory guy, Avy-Loren teaches what he knows from experience and is passionate about sharing his expertise with today’s most dynamic business leaders. And to this day, he is still participating in multiple startups as a co-founder, strategic, and board advisor where he also trains new and upcoming young entrepreneurs in the art of leadership in the role of CEO.


His specialties include Strategic Leadership, Branding, Technology, Blockchain, Startups, Partnership Development, Coaching & Mentoring Teams, Sales & Business Development, Digital, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking.

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