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Board & Advisory

Board Member Services

Having the correct people to serve as board members and creating a culture that invites different opinions is critical. Competitive companies of today - and tomorrow - need to embrace constructive disagreements, versus just a "rubber stamp" of approval.

advisory board selection

We provide two services where we work with companies looking to fill the seats on their Boards. It is important that companies find individuals who bring diversity, a strong network, experience, knowledge with solid strategic thinking and vision.


We believe that the makeup of a Board of Directors has a direct positive or negative impact on a startup company right down to a public company. You will notice that even public companies will experience a dip in their share price when a reputable member of the Board leaves. 


We provide board member search services using our international network enables you to gain the knowledge and reputation of individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and positions. This is especially beneficial for companies who seek to expand into new countries as they will gain tremendous insight and experience in the said new country.


Members of our team provide Board services in selective cases, where we work with the company to complement the profile of the board as well as working with companies that are at a stage where there is a need for an outside perspective to help move things forward and change the dynamics of the board. 

Interim Executive Services

Executive Interim (Fractional) Executive Solutions Help Companies In Transition.


We offer experienced executives to temporarily assume and/or augment a C-Level management role including Chief Restructuring Officer.

Our seasoned professionals will work with your company’s team and BOD to build an effective, sustainable, and focused turnaround team, establish clear and attainable goals and create the foundation for a strong and profitable future. Our extensive experience serving as consultants and coaches as well as in senior executive roles in a variety of industries globally - ensures your going to be in good hands. Our executives have a sense of urgency and understand that businesses must be agile in a global marketplace and will, therefore, function at a pace and mindset where time is of the essence.


Services can be provided hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

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