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Feel Good About Yourself: 7 Non-Productive Behaviors to Avoid

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

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As a professional Business Consultant, Strategist, Executive Business Performance Coach and Mentor I have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life. In this brief article, I outline some of my key negative behavioral findings that people would fare better in life and business if they could avoid them.

1- Active Listening

Yet you will note that many of us talk more and listen less. It is said that a sign of intelligence is when a person speaks less and listens more, so when said individual does speak others tend to pay much more attention to said individual. Additionally, when you speak less and listen more, you often can understand more and absorb (remember) more information.

2- Accept Constructive Criticism

Some individuals have delicate egos’ and/or low self-esteem/confidence — do not let this get in the way of not listening and learning to other individual’s opinions and perspectives. Constructive criticism can be useful information that may help you improve and is a part of active learning.

3- “Haste Makes Waste”

Most people fail to take enough sufficient time to think before acting. All I can state here is that often we come into a situation where for whatever reason(s), we fail to take the time to step back, or take a pause and actually think about what we are about to make a decision about and the more possible repercussions the decision may have — hence, “Think before you speak” and also “Act”.

4- Mañana — Putting Things Off To Later

Do not let procrastination continue or become a reason for lack of success. Procrastination is almost like a weakness or illness as it can be extremely difficult to stop and often causes significant problems or repercussions. I use a mindset that I call “The Nike Just Do It”. Try to live your life by doing today what you could do tomorrow versus the opposite — this can be a life-changer.

5- To Assume is To Err

Bottom line, every time a person makes an assumption, be it about the driver in front of you, the stock or crypto market, someone's words or thoughts, whatever, there is a very high likelihood that you will likely be assuming incorrectly. Do your due diligence, let people finish their thoughts before jumping in, confirm someone's intentions before responding, get a second opinion or just wait a little to step back and think it through… ADD/ADHD people, you know what I am talking about… follow this.

6- Accountability & Complaining

The point here is “Mean what you say, and say what you mean”. This is a philosophy that I try to live by, not always reaching it, but mindfully trying. If you act accountable for your actions and words you will garner much more respect and admiration from people, but you yourself will also feel much better about yourself in the long run. This leads to complaining and laying blame on others than yourself. If you are going to do something, then do it right — regardless if you like it or not. Your name is on everything you say and do — respect your name, respect yourself and respect others.

7- Being Organized

I know it is obvious, but sadly many people are not well organized let alone in their own thoughts. To be more effective in life overall, organization and prioritization come at the top of the list in abilities to master. I am sure you do not need an explanation about this, so this is more a reminder as to the importance of this and to prompt you to work on this, get some help, learn about this and become your best — no more missing appointments, being late for meetings, forgetting to bring something, etc… 

I’m Avy and I provide strategic business consulting and executive coaching service to companies around the globe and in varying industries. I work with startups and founders, with public company CEOs, and I help companies and executives reach their personal and professional goals with respect and pride as we overcome hurdles together. Over the last 10 years, I’ve co-founded three companies, am presently a co-founder and COO/CSO of a tech company, invested in some early-stage startups as an Angel investor, acted as a consultant and advisor for a US-based VC firm, and mentored hundreds of individuals and startups.

I also encourage you to share this article with everyone that you think can benefit from it, as it may prove very useful for many.





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