Anand Dilip Shah - Nairobi, Kenya

CEO at Workshop Cowork kenya

Avy has been a great mentor who advised me, taught me and motivated me to build my business acumen, make informed decisions and most importantly to think strategically in everything I do.

Kristoffer Lyman, MBA - USA

Chief Marketing Officer at Ally Surveillance

Avy is a thought leader in the art of business. Innovative, creative, and driven, he is able to identify opportunities and execute at a world-class level. Credentials speak for themselves but his passion and drive places him at the to of his class. 

Josephine Faal - UK

CEO & Co-Founder Smart & Savvy Women Ltd

Avy is one of the most knowledgeable and hands-on Business Strategists that I have come across. As a client, one can be sure to receive advice relevant to the industry and specific to the stage of business. One is not just a number.

Kelly Cristina Briceño, Phd - Denmark

Materials Engineer for Vestas

Avy's coaching has been brilliant. He helped me to open my eyes to new areas of engineering and management. He is an excellent communicator of ideas, able to identify his client's needs and always giving the extra mile. I am so thankful for his help!

Derrick Soto - USA

CEO & Founder at Get it Done & Make it Happen Consulting

Consulting with Mr. Cohen was an amazing experience, to say the least, I would encourage anyone seeking business consulting to contact him you won’t be disappointed.

Joe cohen, Doctor of law (j.d.)   - usa

Business Strategist at Brand Launcher

I connected with Avy several years ago when I was looking for a consultant. Avy is a strategic thinker, very insightful, manager and social networker who puts the quality of relationships over quantity. This varied background coupled with innate leadership qualities sets him apart from 99% of my connections. I value his professional and personal advice on a number of topics. His knowledge is vast and thorough. I would recommend Avy to anybody seeking management consulting and/or turnaround advice. (No relation. This is an authentic recommendation :)

Bill Dew  - usa

CEO & Founder at Swepps & Associates

I want to extend my deepest gratitude toward Mr. Avy Cohen. I worked with Avy on developing a strategic business plan. I am very pleased with our engagement. I am only able to sum it up into three words. He is inspiring, cultivating, and pleasant. If you need someone in your corner to be your coach, advisor or partner, he's the guy. I can recommend him because he's my guy. I'm certain through your endeavors with Avy you'll find him extremely easy to work with.

Lan Quang, MBA  - usa

Director of Growth at NCT Group USA

Avy is an excellent strategist, business consultant, and executive coach. Avy is one of the best in bringing solutions to ambiguous situations through a selective methodology. He is also a strong executive coach, inspiring and empowering me while providing feedback to maximize my performance. I've worked with him to bring changes to my weakness; I thoroughly enjoyed, and benefited, from working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Jasmin Orlando  -  Usa

Creative Director at Infinite Allure Group

Avy was my coach consultant and has mentored me on business and marketing strategies in the workplace and on positive career and business goals. He has tremendous entrepreneurial business experience and goes above and beyond to advise and guide which helped develop my skills, learning new ideas and tactics. Avy is without a doubt one of the most experienced and knowledgeable business coaches in his industry.
Highly recommended!

Patricia Russell  -  canada

CEO at Casa Duro

Avy is a true gentleman. He is not only very personable but incredibly intelligent and experienced in many aspects of the business. Any company or individual would be blessed to collaborate with Avy since he is one of those rare modern men who can combine profitability with being socially conscious in business.

Dror Kolodkin-Gal   -  israel

CEO & Co-Founder at Proofi

Avy Loren-Cohen has an extraordinary talent.  One of the stars that can not be ignored. He had excellent communication skills and gave advice at the highest levels. Brilliant and inspiring! Thank You, Avy.

Jacob Taylor  -  usa

Communication & Research Coordinator at Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Avy is incredibly well versed in the ideology and industry practices needed by any small business or similar venture to grow and expand, the discussions we have had and the work I have seen as a result more than exemplifies his personality and ability to do just that. He brings the experience, dedication, and professionalism that any growing business would want to be successful in their respective industries.

Mike Sawchuk  -  canada

Chief Business Development Officer at Avmor 

While at Enviro-Solutions, I worked with Avy to introduce a pioneering product/category that he offered. It did assist us with our objectives in developing incremental sales and market share. His insight in developing strategies for sales, marketing and distribution was evident. He was a pleasure to work with, a professional. His passion and focus exceeded my expectations and I would work with him again in the future if the opportunity presented itself. Cheers,

Elle Smith  -  Uk

Owner at Inspired by Elle

Avy worked with me in the planning stages of my start-up business and has given input to the business on a regular basis thereafter. He is a very knowledgeable consultant with strong business acumen, as well as the ability to plan for future market trends. His advice and input have been invaluable, time-saving but moreover extremely practical.  Some consultants cannot communicate effectively to explain the strategy in a clear and coherent manner. Avy excels in this area, providing creative ways to grow your business. He is a powerhouse of experience and knowledge, which I am so pleased I am able to have in my camp!!

Stephen Kampstra  -  canada

Vice President Canada, Broad-line Distribution at Gordon Food Service

Avy was a pleasure to work with as he possesses a great combination of business acumen and personal relationships. I found Avy extremely knowledgeable in the business and products he represented as well as their applications. Avy has had a zealous approach to marketing and I've enjoyed his thought processes in overcoming obstacles. I would look forward to an opportunity to work on a project with Avy again in the future.

Anesu Bridget Mhlanga  -  zimbabwe

CEO Single Family Office

Avy-Loren Cohen is truly an exceptional businessman whose leadership and mentorship has provided me with unrivaled insight into the global business. I have been inspired to explore a vision far beyond what I ever imagined possible. Avy's generous spirit and selfless nature provide executives with a guide to personal and professional growth which ensures sustainability and a conscious contribution towards future generations. Anyone who has the rare privilege of doing business with Avy will certainly attest to his impeccable business ethics and timeless strategic vision which is sure to place any organization, a cut above the rest.

Steve Zwonitzer  -  USA

CEO at ClientLinkr

Avy is a man of impeccable character. If you want to increase your business ownership capabilities so your brand can scale strategically and successfully; call Avy. If you want to grow your team and its capability to scale your corporation and its many revenue streams; call Avy. Avy is able to immediately energize you with laser-focused plans of action both in personal development and business management. He understands the importance of a proper mindset for success both at home and in business because they both require honing mindset skills. I'm a better person from knowing Avy and I'm a better business person from working with Avy. Call him now because I know that if he works with you; you will win!

Annie Zhang, CPA, CA - Canada

Manager, Chief Accountant's Department Description at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Avy was a speaker at Enlight’s Innovation Conference on November 10, 2018. Avy shared his diverse experience as a consultant. He specifically shared on the topics of how tech startups can gain a competitive edge over tech giants as well as some of the biggest challenges that startups face today. Ultimately, we learned that success is a combination of the founder’s characteristics, business strategy, and human activity. We learned a tremendous amount from Avy’s presentation and enjoyed his humorous delivery. Attendee feedback has been extremely positive and we really appreciate Avy’s contribution to our event. Enlight is a non-profit organization under CPAC consisting of a group of passionate young professionals. Our mission is to provide a platform for young leaders in the GTA to share experiences and business resources to enhance their professional networks. We hope to continue to work with Avy to bring valuable content to our members.

Pazit Perez - USA

CEO - PazitPerez.com

Avy stands out as a smart, energetic, fun, strategic and forward thinker. He's able to seize your vision instantly and strategize the steps to achieve it to make it a reality. I would highly recommend Avy for anyone who has a great vision of something they want to achieve but lacks the strategy on how to move it forward. Don't stay stuck, Hire Avy to make your visions a reality.


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