Startup Services

Consulting & Coaching

Helping startup entrepreneurs realize what they set out to do is a passion that we both share. Working with numerous startups every year enables us to truly empathize and understand the trials and tribulations founders and management experience as they build their startup. We work alongside your team to establish an organization that is set for long-term sustainability, growth and profitable success. 

Casual Business Meeting


The most useful time to seek professional business advice is before you begin to "start your startup".  We will work with you to identify the most critical steps, create the strategy, and help you get execute and implement it as well. A fact worth noting, startups that work with a consultant prior to launching reduces costly errors and time - thus them to focus on their business mission, vision, and goals. This also allows for quicker deployment which gives startups a leg up in moving through the growth phases faster, easier and more profitably.

We help our clients by being there for them all the time without fail, and we wish to provide you with the same level of commitment and knowledge starting with offering you to contact us right for a complimentary 15-minute session.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

A common issue with the founders of a startup company is that the individual has no prior experience of being in an executive and/or leadership position, many founders and core team members typically lack the full set of skills and experience necessary to build their company.


Executive leadership positions are pivotal to the potential success or failure of a company. In the case of new executive leaders such as in the case of startups, this is a critical factor that will build confidence in the team and also prospective investors as well as potential significant target clients.

New (as well as existing) executives in leadership roles benefit tremendously from having an executive business performance and leadership coach as they will always have their best interest in mind as well as the corporate objectives. About 50% of our coaching services caters to new and seasoned executives and CEOs, helping them navigate through every decision, problem, challenge as well as acting as a safe confidant whom they can act as a sounding board for ideas, thoughts, perspectives as well as just being an empathetic ear. It is very difficult to lead alone, but it is also problematic to seek a confidant in your team and for this, a season business executive who understands your issues and has the wisdom and knowledge to help you reach your personal, professional and corporate goals, and objectives with less stress.


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with constant access to their coach, to use their coach to participate in meetings and events, act on advisory boards and do whatever it takes to help our clients be the best they and their company can be.

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