Management Training

Invest in Continuous Professional Training

A company that grows, knows the value of investing in employee training. Whether it’s sales, marketing, merchandising, business development, team dynamics, customer service, leadership, management, strategy, operations, conflict prevention, agile management, diversity, or just personal development training - we are at your service. Training packages can also be customized for your needs. 


Soft Skills Training

What exactly are soft skills?

It’s the personal attributes that enable a person to work confidently and amicably alongside other people. Simply put, it’s all about a person’s emotional quotient and the control over it. It isn’t easy defining soft skills using few words as it is deeply rooted in a person’s social, business, and personal life.

Importance of soft skills training

Soft skills are now perceived as a tool to differentiate between candidates with identical expertise and education. With competition increasing, soft skills really help one to stand out from the crowd. Employers will favor candidates who can bring in social and cultural values to a team and/or organization. Employees must able to listen, collaborate, communicate and transfer ideas effectively to promote a healthy and productive work environment. Also, he/she must contribute to an organization’s success by maintaining a closer correlation with the customer. so, ultimately, everything boils down to how sharp the soft skills of an employee are.


How we provide soft skills training?

We provide this service in a group* training. We will get to know each individual from all possible lenses and then establish a baseline. This is a very individual and personalized type of training where group dynamics are part of the training and the format is in the form of an afternoon or morning workshop.  (One-on-one training is available upon special request.)

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Management Training

Importance of management training

A company that grows, knows the benefits of investing in its employees in the form of training. The returns on this are multiple folds as it benefits in areas such as retention, loyalty, corporate culture, work satisfaction, trust, as well as improved performance that translates down to the bottom line! 

How we provide management training?

We provide one-on-one and group training. We will get to know each individual from all possible lenses and then establish a baseline. We then review what management's objectives and match this with the individual's professional objectives. 


Sales Training

Importance of sales training

The training will help reps understand and better execute by knowing more about:

  • The psychology of a buyer (purchase mode vs. investigation mode)

  • Understanding the buyers’ journey

  • Earning the right to ask questions

  • Better sales strategy and tactics to execute according to the prospects’ roles in the sales process

  • Use of technology

  • Prospecting

  • Live demonstrations

  • Team sales

  • Pitching large clients

How we provide sales training?

Training is designed to engage based on their unique learning style via auditory, visual, or kinesthetic stimulation.

Onsite training is an interactive and memorable experience - more than a discussion of sales theories and talking points. Comprised of one-on-one and group training, role-playing using real-world scenarios. Sales training programs address all aspects of prospecting, to client experience involving the various participants in the sales and account management process and its departments such as inside sales development reps,  Account Executives and new business development executives. We also offer a hands-on service where the trainer will go out on the road/sales calls with the trainee to provide real-time learning and development to transform new and low performing individuals into high-performance producers.


Leadership Training

Importance of leadership & performance training

Accelerate Leadership Skills & Best Practices by investing in developing individuals from all levels and departments to inspire and motivate peers and subordinates alike to excel and work as a team for the better good of the company or organization.

How we provide leadership & performance training?​

Our approach begins with a discovery session to understand gaps, issues, understanding the roles, responsibilities, and scope of the leadership position the individual is in or going into to best reach the desired results form the training.

Our training combines leadership principles and strategies, advancing soft skills, best practices around team engagement, collaboration and communication, innovation and performance. Our training program is delivered using the experiential, practical and ‘hands-on’ ways of learning to ensure sustainability and results.


Take-Away Benefits

  1. Engage in succession planning

  2. Improve interpersonal or communication skills

  3. More productive staff

  4. Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness

  5. Master better conflict-management and prevention skills

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