Team Dynamics

Successful and innovative organizations foster a corporate culture of having a

safe and open communications policy. 

Team Performance Workshops,

Training and Coaching 

What is Corporate-Wide Communication Culture?


Open organizational communication culture promotes the flow of communication throughout a business that is necessary for staff and team effectiveness and employee contribution.


"There are no stupid questions, it is only stupid not to ask a question" - This is the attitude and mindset of an open corporate culture. 

           - Avy Loren-Cohen


Why we Target Corporate-Wide Communication Culture?

  • Is the foundation for the exchange of ideas which lead to innovation and drive growth

  • Promotes initiative and decision-making

  • Improves morale by participating and having a share of voice

  • Reduces resignations and employee soap opera behavior


How we Develop Corporate-Wide Communication Culture

The way to bring about this type of change in communications begins from the top down in the company hierarchy. We work with all levels, all departments, groups, and teams.


We address issues and develop solutions that:

  • Create a feedback communication loop

  • Bring about a sense of pride in work and performance

  • Promote collaboration without fear of personal recognition or credit loss

  • Bost employee self-motivated/generated contributions

  • Timeliness of infrastructural responses

Team Coaching

Where team members lack trust in one another or their leaders, results and morale suffer, and employee gossip and costly turnover is more likely. Most companies want to have teams, but not all employees function well in a team, yet everyone wants to be a high performing employee especially with it's in a collaborative team environment as all are watching -  but that does not guarantee the desired outcome of a high performing team.


Where team leaders and/or their key members don't have sufficient experience in strong team settings, they can benefit from our Master Performance Program, a targeted executive coaching program to improve a team’s effectiveness in communications and performance.


Master Performance Program develops custom-designed coaching programs based on each team’s particular needs, where most team coaching programs include:

  • How to communicate effectively with our proprietary system "Core to Surround" technique.

  • Helping teams develop their units values, mission, and strategy to aline with company goals and objectives

  • Developing lead and secondary support roles for better project management initiatives

  • Definition of clear roles, responsibilities, and team KPI evaluation exchange method.

  • Creating a safe place for members to open up with issues towards or amongst individuals in the team.

  • Cross-cultural, global, and/or virtual team systems.

  • Developing protocols and tools to help prevent conflicts as well as speed up the process for conflict resolution by improving interpersonal communication skills.

Communication & Diversity in the Workplace

This is a program that was initially developed for a University to help educate individuals on how different each person is from one another and that just because a person may look the same, sound the same and even act the same - the way they process information can be dramatically different from one another which can cause friction between and amongst individuals, especially in team/group settings.


This workshop is about bringing about awareness of understanding what is beneath the individual, in particular, understanding and improving communication with individuals with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and  Low Self-Esteem and/or Confidence. Being social does not come naturally to everyone - social skills can be learned, but they also need interactive and live practice. We provide the knowledge, guidance, and training in our workshop that will not only improve corporate productivity but also reduce attrition. 

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