ADHD Coaching for executives


Our coaching helps you learn how to manage work-life with daily life in an organized, goal-oriented, and timely fashion. We accomplish this by teaching our client’s skills and techniques to initiate change for a better quality of life, an increase in self-esteem and a reduction in anxiety.


We provide encouragement, motivation, recommendations, feedback and teach practical techniques and systems. We develop strategies to help clients deal with time management and organizational related activities and challenges, eliminate clutter, and become more effective both personally and professionally. 


Sample Topics We Address:


​Disorganization and forgetfulness

  1. Organization

  2. Overcoming procrastination

  3. Starting tasks

  4. Completing tasks

  5. Chronic lateness

  6. Forgetfulness

  7. Misplaced items

  8. Prioritization

  9. Time management

  10. Poor planning



  1. Interrupting others

  2. Poor self-control

  3. Blurting out thoughts

  4. Acting recklessly

  5. Social appropriateness


Emotional difficulties 

  1. Stress management

  2. Irritability

  3. Low self-esteem

  4. Difficulty staying motivated

  5. Hypersensitivity to criticism


​Hyperactivity or restlessness

  1. Restlessness

  2. Easily bored

  3. Excessive talking

  4. Active listening

  5. Multitasking

  6. Sitting still

  7. Managing distraction

  8. Active listening


Managing your Expectations About ADHD Coaching

Coaching is not therapy. A Coach will address the challenges of daily life (business or otherwise)—they focus on what, when, and how, not why. A coach is not trained to address psychiatric, emotional, or interpersonal challenges; these issues fall under the purview of mental health professionals and as such, should you elect to discuss such issues, keep in mind that the advice or suggestions given by your coach should not be interpreted as “the answer or solution”.

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